We know that most runners have trouble taking breaks. We’re not necessarily talking about breaks during a workout – everybody stops to stretch, get some water, or walk off a particular nasty fartlek cycle. We’re talking about rest days. Ever heard of them? We hadn’t really, either.

In reality, rest days are as important as run days. Bodies need time to heal, build muscle, and recover from exercise. Some athletes don’t have a problem taking days off, but – for some reason – runners have trouble relaxing. We feel like we need to run to have a complete day. Anything less than a baseline run feels like a waste.

Achilles Colorado is dedicated to runners who have trouble taking time off. Here, you’ll find strength training exercises designed to help your recovery. You’ll also find relaxation tips, ideas for how to spend your rest days, and information about why rest is sometimes more important than work. We’ll talk calves, quads, hydration, sleep, and everything in between.

We know you don’t need somebody to tell you to take it easy, but… that’s what we’re going to do. Plus, we’ll help you along the way. We’re only as strong as our rest days are relaxing.